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Roye Lee


Dv Pal
Languages: Ita/Eng

Music and lyrics:
Roye Lee

…I was a singer, a good one. I have known everybody in the music world of Italy, and in America my records sold well. I played with Floyd Cramer, his was the best piano in all of Nashville and I would put my voice. Try to ask in the music circles if they know who Roye Lee is and just listen to what they have to say!
Roye Lee

We met Roye Lee in the streets of central Milan and we have listened to his voice singing and telling unbelievable stories. After 35 years he has returned on stage (Teatro Out-Off, Milan), alone, with his emotions and his blues and country songs.
The video is a fragment showing, through gazes, gestures and lyrics, a life to the extreme, an uncontrollable energy: this is our portrait of Roye Lee.

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