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FANS-Finland | go to play | Barbara and Ale

FANS – Finland


HD video

A Raumars A.i.R. production
in association with DE.MO. / Movin’up

I. Helimo, K. Lukkaristo, M. Ruusu, T. Nissinen, I. Alamäki, H. Maikola, L. Heino, T. Hakala, K. Leino

Denver D. Pyle Jr.

Who exactly are fans?
What do they do during the week?

We went to Rauma (Finland) with these two questions to realize a video on the supporters of Lukko, the local ice hockey team which plays in the SM-liiga.
The first part of the video shows the everyday life of the nine protagonists (9 to 83 years old, men and women) and of the town they live in, while in the second part they are shot inside the Arena, during a match.
We never show the match throughout the video, we let the viewer imagine what the 9 fans are actually watching. The only explicit reference to hockey is in the film credits.

This is the first episode of a series of films about supporters.

Video stills


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